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As Your State Representative I Have Worked Towards:

Providing Economic Relief

Families across Missouri are struggling with rising costs. Providing economic relief eases financial burdens on hard-working residents. Continuing to fight against Democratic tax hikes, while advocating for continued tax relief has always been one of my top priorities.


As your Representative, I have:


  • Proudly supported property and Social Security tax relief for Missouri seniors 

  • Promoted the restoration of domestic manufacturing 

  • Voted against Democrat tax hike proposals

Strengthening Public Safety

As the economic engine of Missouri, a safe and thriving St. Louis is crucial for the prosperity of our entire region. High crime and a feeling of insecurity hinder business growth and deters investment underscoring the need for increased public safety.


As your Representative, I have:


  • Supporting our law enforcement community and first responders 

  • Holding progressive prosecuting attorneys accountable

Educational Excellence

I voted for legislation that supports educators through raises and prioritizes excellence. I believe in empowering parents with increased education savings account funding and giving them more control over their children's schooling. Valuing teachers, offering options, and investing in innovation strengthens Missouri's academic standing.


As your Representative, I have:


  • Supporting our teachers by voting to increase starting teacher pay by $14,000 

  • Voted to fully fund our schools 

  • Supported expanding access to early childhood education

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