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As your next state representative I will work towards:

Economic Relief for Missourians

The massive government spending in Washington is only putting more economic strain on Missourians. As government spending increases, so does inflation- making it harder for families to pay for food, gas, and other essentials. 


As your Representative, I will:


  • Provide economic relief by eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations that cost small businesses money.

  • Provide tax relief to assist those struggling with high inflation and rising gas prices.

Strengthening Public Safety

St. Louis has consistently ranked in the top tier as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. A major reason being that prosecuting attorneys are more focused on their re-election than keeping our streets safe.


As your Representative, I will:


  • Provide more tactical and financial resources to our police and other first responders.

  • Hold prosecuting attorneys responsible for failing to prosecute major criminal offenders.

Transparency In Education

During the COVID lockdowns, more parents were made aware of the curriculums in their children’s schools. This reasonably caused a great deal of concern due to the nature of certain lesson plans. Educating our children on topics that will benefit their futures is of the utmost importance. Parents deserve to know what their children are being taught.


As your Representative, I will:


  • Require schools to post every class’s curriculum to their website, along with mailing/emailing the curriculum to parents.

  • Provide parents with a more efficient means of expressing their concerns about school curriculum.

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